Physiotherapy & Sports Injury

Physiotherapy and Sports Injury treatments here at Peak Remedial focus on the prevention and rehabilitation of injury to get you back to your optimal performance level – whether that is functional movement, occupational or sports specific.

With our physiotherapy and sports injury treatments being applied on an individual basis, you can be sure that no two treatments are ever the same. Our therapists utilise the principals of Sport and Exercise Sciences whilst incorporating both physiological and pathological processes to accurately and effectively assess, treat, and retrain you to achieve optimal performance.

Why Choose Us

At Peak Remedial, we believe that the focus around you and your needs ensures every treatment gets the attention and specific recognition required. With the provision of various therapies (from sports therapy to aromatherapy and beauty treatments), we can be sure the find the right one for you and your needs.

All our services and therapies have been chosen to provide a successful treatment whether applied individually or combined – ensuring you the best treatment possible. So, whether you’ve been suffering from a recent injury, long time aches and pains or just struggling to keep up with modern day living, we can apply and adjust a treatment suitable for you.

Our Purpose is to ensure you are provided with the tools to stimulate and support your body needs. From treatment and rehabilitation guidance to injuries- to advice and recommendations on skin and body care, we want to ensure you are provided the tools to reach your peak daily and understand why your body is doing what it is. With a passion to develop your understanding of treatments and therapies, we aspire to develop your knowledge on the services being provided ensuring the progression of physical wellbeing and overall happiness in yourself.

Our Philosophy is providing the best services for you and your needs – with every aspect of the treatment being around your wellbeing. With this you can be sure to receive only the necessary services and application of therapies to provide the best overall outcome.

Our aim is to provide only the best services in one place – allowing you a one stop to finding all the treatments you may ever require.

Reaching Your Peak

At Peak Remedial, our target is always focused around you and your needs. We believe that by focusing treatments around you, it ensures you receive the attention and recognition required. Whether you have been suffering from a recent injury, long time aches and pains, or just struggling to keep up with the modern day living, treatments are always provided in a means to your comfort and requirements.

We pride ourselves on the ability to ensure you retain all modesty during treatments and are 100% comfortable within every treatment. Recommendations for additional support and services is always provided and your opinion always asked for.

Our Services

Ultimate Wellbeing Treatments

Our Ultimate Wellbeing Treatments are targeted to your relaxation and an overall Wellness Uplift. Including body and facial treatments, find the perfect session to make you feel your best.

Sports Therapy

Our Sports Therapy services are targeted to assessing, treating, and providing rehabilitation for a range of musculoskeletal injuries and common conditions.

Home Therapy

Available through all our services, our Home Therapy sessions are available throughout the week, including weekends, to provide you the therapy you need, when you need it, in the comfort of your own home.