Update from 8th April 2021

We are pleased to announce we will be open for all treatments from Wednesday 14th April 2021. In line with government guidelines, and to ensure we adhere to all legal, regulatory, and professional responsibilities whilst providing a duty of care to all clients and practitioners, we will be doing things slightly differently – please see below for more details.

If you are interested in booking an appointment but would like to ask us some questions prior to doing so – please contact us.

**A copy of our COVID-19 Management Policy is available upon request**

Before Your Appointment

Prior to your booking we request you complete our COVID screening and consent forms (available in your appointment confirmation notification).

On the Day of your appointment

We are only allowing one visitor inside the clinic at any given time, unless accompanying a child and/or vulnerable person. Please do not arrive early for your appointment. When you arrive, phone the clinic to notify us of your arrival and wait in your car to be called in when we are ready for you. A COVID screening will be completed prior to your entry to the clinic.

Please wear your face covering to your appointment. We will have some available if you do not have one.

At your appointment

At arrival, please sign into the Clinic using the QR code displayed.

We will check your temperature and keeping a secure record. If you are showing a high temperature, you will be asked to leave the premises to cool down. If you return and continue to show a high temperature your treatment will be cancelled, and you asked to leave the premises.

Please use the sanitiser on entry, and refrain from touching any surfaces within the property.

A Window will be open during your treatment, to ensure a free flow of fresh air throughout the clinic.

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